Toys for Rancho Los Amigos

The night of Founder Miguel Rivera’s accident, he was taken to St. Francis Medcial Center and then transferred over to USC Medical for surgery. After two months of being in ICU, he was then transferred to Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center where he began his rehab. In retrospect, he says it was one of the scariest yet funnest moments of his life. Scary because of the transition of learning how to live all ove again, and fun becaue of how awesome the doctors, therapists, and staff were there. It was tough, but memorable. Now, Miguel made it a priority to give back to those hospitalized at Rancho because he knows how difficult the transition can be for newly injured individuals. This christmas Team DBP visited the Pediatrics Department to make sure smiles were put on their faces.

Originally posted:  December 20, 2015

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