Dream Big Project Meets Pushrim

Dream Bog Project distributes toys to inpatients and families at Rancho Los Amigos.

This past December of 2015, during the holiday season, Dream Big Project (DBP) made a trip to Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center. Along with the help from many supporters of DBP, Miguel Rivera with other members of the foundation, made it possible to provide boxes of toys, blankets, and accessories to inpatients who had recently sustained a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and their families.

On May 23, 2016, DBP was invited for a luncheon ceremony at Rancho Los Amigos. This luncheon consisted of acknowledgment and awards for all donors and volunteers who helped Rancho staff and patients in 2015. The room was filled with many selfless, compassionate individuals and organizations who found themselves giving back to Rancho in so many ways. Founder of DBP, Miguel Rivera, was an inpatient at Rancho Los Amigos in 2009 after spending two months in USC Medical.

Members of DBP receive awards at Rancho Los Amigos luncheon.

Many members from other organizations such as the Downey Fire Department, Las Floristas, and Bank of America were in attendance. Another organization that was also in the building was Pushrim Foundation whose mission is to educate and enhance the lives of individuals with SCI and their families. The chairman of Pushrim, Carlos Benavides, was

Chairman, Carlos Benavides, and founder of DBP, Miguel Rivera.

present capturing photos throughout the entire luncheon. Miguel had a moment to introduce himself and to speak with Carlos about his recovery as well as what he is involved in today. After a life-changing accident in 2003, Carlos suffered a spinal cord injury leaving him an incomplete tetraplegic. After realizing the beauty of life, post-injury, Carlos finds himself advocating for people with any type of disability. Currently, Carlos proudly serves as the chairman of Pushrim and also the Commissioner for ADA in the County of Los Angeles 4th District where he represents people with all disabilities.

Pushrim provides individuals with spinal cord injuries and mobility limitations a platform, through social media, to collectively share resources and information. This information is vital to help individuals with spinal cord injuries and mobility limitations because it assists in reintegrating back into living a healthy productive life. Pushrim serves as a great network to all who are living with SCI and to the general public who are involved or interested in gaining knowledge about the disability community. To find more information about the mission and board of the Pushrim Foundation visit www.pushrim.org.


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