Backpack Giveaway


On July 30, Verizon located in Anaheim off of Euclid hosted an event to giveback to the community. This event involved free backpacks to every child accompanied by their parent(s). Prior to the date of the giveaway, Dream Big Project (DBP) along with LA Fitness (LAF) were invited to team up with Verizon in their mission to giveback. Members of LAF provided free guest passes, merchandise, and information on gym memberships while DBP provided t-shirts, drawstring bags, and wristbands as well as information on how to go about getting youth involved with the organization.

This particular event was similar to what DBP puts together annually. Every year Dream Big makes it their mission to provide backpacks along with school supplies to elementary school students in need. Last year, November of 2015, DBP provided over three hundred backpacks to students at Sanchez Elementary located in the city of Norwalk. Thanks to Verizon, DBP and LAF had the opportunity to be a part of something spectacular. In total, smiles were put on over two hundred kids including their family members. There were families waiting in line outside of the store as early as 10:45 a.m., when the giveaway wasn’t scheduled to begin until noon.

Giving back is one important concept that many individuals tend to forget to incorporate in their lives. Whether it’s giving back to your community, to your state or to your country, it is important to give back. Not only was this event pure joy for team members and family members, but it was also a generous and possibly life changing moment in each persons life to remember. Hopefully, the magnitude of this exchange was powerful enough to expand levels of thinking as well as raise levels of consciousness among all who were involved.



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