5 Tips To Making 2017 The Most Successful Year of All Time

5 Tips To Making 2017 The Most Successful Year of All Time

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Happy New Year! If you are reading this it means you survived the crazy ride 2016 took us on, congratulations!

It is a new year and with it comes the resolutions. Maybe there are some things you wish you could have done last year that you didn’t get to do; Perhaps you attempted but didn’t quite reach that goal as you expected.

That is okay…

We have come up with five tips to inspire you to not only keep dreaming big but also to chase after those big dreams…Here we go:

       1. Declare it.

Take five minutes to write down what those big dreams are.

Visualize yourself attaining those dreams. Remember, if you can visualize it, it is possible and it is yours! Go get it.

  1. Let go.

Yes! Let go of the doubts, fears, questions, and people’s opinions that are holding you back. So maybe you’ve tried this in the past and it didn’t work out. Don’t let this weigh you down. LET GO. There is nothing you can do about the past but so much can be accomplished for your future.

“The best is ahead of you, not behind you.” -Christine Caine

  1. Stop investing time in things that are taking you nowhere.

This can be a relationship, time on social media, or a dead-end job… truth is you may be able to pinpoint that one thing that is holding you back. This doesn’t mean cut people off ruthlessly. It just means reorganizing the way you spend your time. Through negativity, criticism (not all criticism is constructive) or stress, these things take a toll on us. As you decide to start dreaming Big AND accomplishing your goals, reflect on what are the things that can feed into you rather than drain you.

Your time is valuable. How are you spending it?

  1. Seek the bumpy road.

WHAT! Why? Because the easy road will often offer comfort but not the most growth. Decide to stretch yourself. You’ll be surprised on how this changes YOU!

  1. Start right now!

Every hour of your day is an opportunity to DO something.

So do it! Don’t wait for the “right time” to start something. Chances are, the right time will never be right enough. Our minds are tricky and fear is worse! Start where you are with what you have.

No matter how 2016 ended for you…2017 is offering you a fresh start! Remember that you are your best investment. You have the ability to make this year the best one yet!

So how are you going to Dream Big in 2017?

Written by Jennifer Covarrubias

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