The Power of Young Minds

The Power of Young Minds


One of our goals for this year is to engage with as many young minds as possible. During the month of January, Miguel visited Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Paramount, CA.

Dream Big Project was able to reach eighty fourth graders with a message about the importance of positivity and ambition to reach their dreams despite any circumstance.

“It doesn’t matter what others tell you, if you have a dream, you can reach it.” – Miguel Rivera

The children learned about the process of starting an organization, the importance of helping others, and using perseverance to accomplish their dreams.

Visiting the elementary school was a reminder of how powerful the minds of children are. They create their own ideas, judgements, and perspectives on subjects adults talk about on a daily basis.

The kids shared about what it means to them to have integrity,

“Being a good person when no one is looking.” -Lilly, Fourth grader

They talked about how they stand firm against bullying,

“Tell the mean kid to stop if they don’t, tell an adult you trust.” Max, Fourth grader

They even discussed what universities they will attend when they grow up. Among the popular ones were Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Long Beach, UCLA, and USC.

It is often easy to experience children as “just kids.” and maybe even dismiss their ideas or feelings about certain subjects.

Dream Big Project encourages our dreamers to continue seeking outlets to have conversations with our youth and utilize these to invest in the future which are our children.

“What I liked the most is that I feel inspired to help other people.” -Diana, Fourth Grader

Written by Jennifer Covarrubias

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