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A few nights before Miguel's first day of college. A night of drinking and having fun with his friends led him to make an unconscious decision. Miguel attempted to drive himself home, but before he could reach his destination, he was in a car accident that left him with the inability to walk. He was only 18 years old.

What We Do

• Raise awareness on the importance of earning an education and the dangers of drinking and driving.

• Inspire youth through personal testimonies and encouraging events to pursue their dreams.

• Provide educational resources to underserved youth.

Our Promise

To speak to students about the importance of receiving an education; to provide educational resources to students in need; to promote a positive lifestyle through a positive message.

Miguel's Story

“My injury has not only strengthened me as a person, but it’s also given me the second chance to do something positive with my life such as reaching out to adolescents throughout the community and raising awareness on various obstacles one may encounter in life” (MR).

Miguel now works passionately to share his inspiring story of overcoming a tragic obstacle. His mission is to educate, inspire and provide for others who find themselves in similar life challenging situations, motivating them to remain positive and work towards overcoming any challenge that keeps them from achieving their dreams.

To achieve these goals, Miguel and his team are committed to speaking out publicly about the importance of receiving an education. Dream Big Project welcomes you to join Miguel and his social cause through volunteerism, donations and local activism. Please allow us to impact your community in a positive way. Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you and gaining your support.

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