Thank you for your generosity!

Dream Big Project leverages community partnerships and generous donations to administer programs that will directly impact underserved youth.

In collbaroation with schools and community organizations, Dream Big Project aims to improve educational and life outcomes for underserved youth through programs and services that include backpack distribution, scholarship awards, classroom sponsorships, mentorship, media presentations, and character development.

Dream Big Project members and volunteers play a critical role in carrying out our mission and goals. During the academic year, Team DBP visits schools and youth orgsanizations to conduct speaking engagements, classroom presentations, and academic workships. In addition, to scholarships, backpacks and school supplies are distributed throughout the year. 

With your support, our impact among youth will not only benefit them directly , but it will also send an inspiring message to their peers, families, and community around them to remind them how possible it is to turn theirr dreams into a reality. 

Your gift will create more opportunities to educate, inspire, and provide for children and adolescents in need.

Each contribution is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.