Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos

Honoring the lifetime work of Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos, two selfless community leaders in the city of Norwalk, and husband and wife for 61 years, who have demonstrated commitment to volunteering and advocating for youth in their community, the Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos Scholarship is awarded to Norwalk High School graduates who resemble the giving spirit of Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos.

In alignment with the spirit and compassion of Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos

As of 2022, Dream Big Project will be awarding the Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos Scholarship to a deserving student who models the compassion, spirit, and commitment to the community service of Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos.

Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos have become reputable members of the community of Norwalk and are known for their ongoing services. They not only have made a great team as husband and wife for 61 years but established a selfless partnership when it came to volunteering and advocating for the youth in their community. Mr. and Mrs. Gallegos moved to Norwalk in 1968 with their two sons Ramiro and David. As it got tough in the neighborhood, many residents left but both Ramiro and Lucy used that to aspire for a better community.

The couple began their involvement with the Norwalk Little League. Ramiro became a coach and Lucy was the team mom for their son’s baseball team. He and his wife exceeded their role as coach and team mom by providing some of their players with a warm meal, taking them to their first Major League Baseball game, and trips to Disneyland. Players looked to the couple for more than baseball and this was just the beginning of their journey. They became active board members for the league and strived to improve the quality of the league. After many fundraisers and years of coaching, Ramiro took his responsibilities in the league one step further by becoming president. His sons and grandkids were already grown out of the league but Ramiro and his wife continued their involvement. During this time the couple was able to make an impactful change in the League restoring its core values and learning outcomes for the youth.

Ramiro and Lucy Gallegos continued their journey with the school’s PTA. Their PTA involvement began in 1975 when their sons entered elementary school and continued to pay for PTA membership until the year 2020 at their great granddaughters' elementary school. They had an immense involvement during their son’s school years and dedicated their time to be proactive in creating positive change. This earned them the PTA Honorary Service Award in 1979.

Their endless giving did not stop there. Mr. and Mrs. Gallegos also became involved with their church, St. John of God. Both helped with fundraising for church updates and also volunteered at the church's annual fiesta. They provided temporary shelter for children in need as well as provided prayer service and communion to those at a local hospice facility. This was just a glimpse of the significant amount of kindness and generosity the couple provided. They have been model citizens and continued to serve their community, touching many lives and helping Norwalk become a great community.

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