Thank you!

Please fill out our volunteer form in order to volunteer with us. Team DBP provides various volunteer opportunities with flexible scheduling in mind. Learn more about our volunteer roles by completing our volunteer form.


Q: What type of volunteer opportunities are available?

A: Currently, there are three types of volunteer opportunities available. The first type would be to volunteer for a specific community event. This would be on an event-by-event basis. The second type would be to sign-up to volunteer directly under one of our programs. Our Ambassador, Influencer, and Mentorship Programs serve as great opportunities to impact our community directly. Lastly, our third type of volunteer opportunity aligns with serving in a Dream Big Project leadership role.

Q: When are volunteers needed?

A: It depends on how active you want to be as a volunteer. Within the volunteer form, you are asked about your activity level as a volunteer. The three different levels presented reflect different volunteer opportunities with Dream Big Project. For example, if you decide to volunteer on an event-by-event basis, you will be notifies of opportunities specifically hosted by DBP on an event-by-event basis. If you want to be more involved as a volunteer, there are additional opportunities available within our programs and team.

Q: Do I have to submit a volunteer form every time that I want to volunteer with Dream Big Project?

A: No. Submitting a volunteer form is only required one time unless noted otherwise.

Q: What mail should I include in my volunteer form?

A: Please include your personal email, not a school related email.

Q: How are volunteers notified of volunteer opportunities?

A: Volunteers who have submitted their volunteer form will be notified of opportunities via email.

Q: I need volunteer hours for school, can I get them verified?

A: Yes, a Dream Big Project team leader can verify your hours with a verification form that you provide. Dream Big Project also has  verification forms available.

Q: I have questions about volunteering, who can I contact?

A: Feel free to send us an email at with “volunteer opportunities” in the subject line, or contact a Team DBP member who reached out to you initially.