Our Sponsors

Thank you for your support!

In collaboration with schools and organizations, we aim to improve educational and life outcomes for youth and adolescents through programs and services.

With the help of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we have been able to directly impact students through our programs. In fact, we have provided backpacks, school supplies, and scholarships to over 1,500 students.

Over 10,000 youth have benefited from our efforts and activities. Our hope is to inspire youth to pursue their dreams through higher education. We know that, together, we can provide the tools and resources to support our youth through their journey in academics and in life.

Since inception, we have been able to impact youth within 44 different schools and organizations across 18 different cities in 4 different counties. Because of supporters like you, we have been able to administer programs that directly impact underserved youth in Norwalk and surrounding communities.

For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please complete our contact form on our website or email us at info@dreambigproject.org. Anything from a gift card from your business or sponsoring a DBP event makes a tremendous difference. Thank you!